Billiards T Shirts For women

Billiards T Shirts for Women – Addicted To 8

Billiards T-shirts for women

You are in the perfect zone to buy quality and unique clothes. Billiards t-shirt is sure to be your favorite t-shirt. With our special design, the t-shirt looks unique. You can’t see this designed t-shirt anywhere. Get the t-shirt. Set your Trend.

You can customize your clothing here @ Rj Dresses by adding pictures & texts

About product:

100% polyester white color jersey
4.1 oz
Imported V-Neck T-shirt
Fits true to size
Machine Wash Cold

T-Shirt Rating by people:

Billiards T Shirts for Women
4.6 Star out of 5 92%

About Designs:

3D gold number – 8 with 3D toy
It’s a ROYALTY free design.
You can use our  Billiards-designs (at the bottom of the page) for customizing your’s clothes. 
You can customize this with your images and texts.

Image 360:

(Click the images to view it in full size)


Available sizes are Women – Adult S, M, L, XL, 2X
For size S, M, L, 2X: 27.95 $
Only for 2X size: 31.95 $

Size Chart in Inches:

Size Chart in Centimeters:

Customize your billiards T shirts:

You can customize your clothes here.
Add images or text.
You can change the pictures or add more images and text to this t-shirt for women(above).

Quick and easy Customizing in 80 seconds
A Video For Billiards T-Shirts-Women
Play Video

→ You can add our Billiards free images in the T-shirt ←

RjDresses added some free images for customizing your t-shirts.
Open and save the image you like.
Add it to your clothes.

How to customize the Billiards T-Shirts Cloth Step-by-step Procedure?

Step: 1

Click the CUSTOMIZE & BUY button below the Billiards t-Shirt image or click the following link.

This link will direct you to our Store in Zazzle where you can customize your clothes by adding any images and texts.

You can see the product preview, size, styles, and colors.

Step: 2

Before you Customize the t-shirt with images and texts, I recommend you to select the three menu namely Size, Style, and Color.

First of all, from the three main menu, you should decide and select the STYLE menu first.
»» For toddlers and babies, 17 unique collections are available in the Zazzle store.
»» For kids, men, and women, there are 39, 47, and 49 unique variety of clothes are available respectively.

(If you like to customize some other clothes for babies/toddlers/kids/men/women, do change the STYLE Menu)


»» Select the FOR, TYPE, and STYLE sub-menus.
Select the clothes you want to customize from the available 153.


»»Select the color from the available unique colors.
If you are searching for clothes with more colors, then change the clothing style.



»»Check for the approximately near measurements on the product size chart««

»»Select the SIZE««

Step: 3

Now click the CUSTOMIZE Button. You can see the following window.

Before adding images and text, if any images or text present on the customizing region as default, click on that images or text and press DELETE key.

You can add images and text in the front as well as on the back side of the dress.

Click on the front/back and add images & text according to your desire.


»» Click on the ADD IMAGE Button. Upload the image. You can add one or more images to one clothing.

REMEMBER: You should have the rights to use the image. If the images are yours, no worries. If you don’t have any images to add to your clothes, you can add our RJ Special Designs.


»» After you added the image, you can use rescale, rotate, crop, filter, and other options to edit the images.


»» Click on ADD TEXT button. Enter the text you want and click on the TICK button.


»» After you added the text, you can use rescale, rotate, text color, text size, and some more options to edit the text.

Step: 4

»» You can add images and text on both sides of the clothes. Preview your clothes with the images and texts you added.
»» After you customize your clothes, Click on the DONE button.

Step: 5

»» Select the number of quantities.
»» Check the shipping details.
»» Then, Add it to your Cart.

Quick Shipping Available

Get free shipping, exclusive discounts, and much more.

Z Black shipping

Click the following link to See the Quick Shipping Details And related FAQ.

You can add any images and text to any styles of clothes in the store. Easy to customize.
Create your designs. Be unique and set your Trend.
The Billiards T-shirt with our golden design is the highest selling T-shirts for Women for the past month(July-2017).
Grab our quality T-shirts and prove your uniqueness.

If you have any queries, leave a comment. We are happy to help you.

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28 thoughts on “Billiards T Shirts for Women – Addicted To 8”

  1. Hey there! My sister’s birthday is coming soon and I’m looking for a gift that I could give to her. This is a really nice shirt which I can customize more. This is great since I could make the shirt the way I wanted it to look like and it will be more sentimental. Thank you for sharing this and I hope that I could buy and customize one soon.

    1. Thank you for giving comments, John. You can access our products and customize the clothes on your own style here. You can also use our free special art and font designs to your clothes, and make your clothes more special and unique.

      With Love And Care 

  2. Thank you for sharing this article! I have always wanted to give something like this as a gift. These shirts look great and they are very affordable. I can’t wait to customize my own. I am not very good at coming up with ideas for shirts though. What sites do you recommend to edit and design the shirts? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Hailey.

      We are happy to see your excitement. If you need some designs to add in t-shirts, go to our RjSpecial Designs page. You can see lots of designs over there for customizing. 

      Just follow the steps to customize your t-shirt or see the video to customize. We will redirect you to Zazzle site where you can customize your clothes as per yours wish. If you have more queries, leave a comment below. We are happy to help you.

      With Love and Care 

  3. I have to say, that customization tool is really cool. This is a great step-by-step tutorial on how to order the billiard t shirts. I think it’s great that you can customize with your own personal images and text, or use the ones that are offered on the site. This is a great idea and a unique gift idea. Are there any discounts available if you order in bulk? I will definitely check your site next time I need a great t shirt designed. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Steve & Kris. 
      Thanks for commenting. And why not discounts for multiple orders. While you select the quantity of a particular cloth, you can see the discount percentage with 10%, 15% and even 35% more for bulk orders. Moreover, some clothes are offered with default offers. If you have more queries, contact me personally or comment below, Kris. I will help you.

  4. You just gave me the perfect idea of what to give to my female friends. Every time we get together once a year, I want to give them something memorable. We don’t see each other often because we are based in different cities. A customized t-shirt will be something they will like. I can have our friendship quotes imprinted on them.

    By the way, what’s the minimum number of t-shirts per order? What about international shipping?

    1. Hi, Alice.
      You can even order one cloth. After you customized the cloth, you can see all the Shipping details available above the Add to Cart Button. The shipping details are different for different products and countries. If you have any more queries, just leave a comment.

  5. Hey,
    I love the idea of this service! It is incredible that I can design my own shirt with my images because most of the time we have to choose from certain pre-selected designs.
    I like the idea for some special event where we all want to wear the same shirt.
    I think for my sister’s bachelorette party would be great;) Do I get a special price if I buy them in large volume?

    1. Thanks for commenting. Yes if you buy clothes in bulk volume you can save 10% or 20% or even 30% based on the volume you purchase.

  6. Hi You,
    This is just awesome! I’ve never seen this before, and I am very happy I found your website!
    My daughter wants to have a few T-shirts with the name of Justin Bieber written on it. I will show her this article. I am sure she will love it! Can she choose any color and any design she wants?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Ya. Definitely. You can select any type of style, color, and sizes. If the color you are searching is not available then simply change the style and try for another style. If you have any queries, leave a comment. I am happy to help you. 

  7. This is by far the most trendy way to buy clothing.
    I like that as a customer, I can customise a plain T shirt into something that suits me.

    Do you think that the colours I select during customising the shirt would stay true when printed?

    I’m looking to getting one of these for Christmas

    1. The color of the t-shirt and the image look as you think. No worries in the colors. People will never rate a t-shirt for high-stars when the t-shirt doesn’t satisfy their requirement. If you have further queries, leave a comment.

  8. Love billiards t-shirts! I wish this was around when I was learning billiards. The size chart is very helpful. Great ratings on the product give it credibility. The steps are so easy to follow. The video was a great touch. I absolutely love you have a promise at the bottom of the article.

  9. This is great. It’s wonderful to see that the internet has brought custom made clothing right into our homes. I do like this billiards design, but I also really like that I can adapt it to make it “perfect” to give as a gift. I have some friends who just moved into a new house and have a billiards room. They might really appreciate a gift like this one. Thanks for this article.

  10. Hello
    This would make an interesting gift for someone. It looks like a nice, comfortable material. I like that you can customize to suit what you want. I also like your slider to show the different views. Measurement charts are always helpful when purchasing clothing which you have posted. I like the fact that it comes in all the regular sizes as well as a plus size to fit women of different proportions.

  11. Darren and Tanya

    We really loved your website, it’s well thought out and the layout is really great as well. Plus the t-shirt design options are a wonderful idea and you have a lot of options which is good. The colours and styles are very inviting. We will definitely be coming back again soon.

  12. I love the design of this top, so simple, yet so effective. I particularly like the fact that you can customise the top the way you want it. That way I can make it special and fit to my personality. Do you have any examples of customisations other people have made?

    1. Why not? Our main motto is to satisfy our customers. Just click on the customize & Buy and you will be directed to the customization panel on the ZAZZLE store. On the top you can see the search bar where you can search all the millions and millions of dresses designed by others. I hope this helps you. If you are not cleared, just a comment and I am happy to help you.

  13. It is wonderful idea to have a customize T-Shirt. Actually, i liked the idea since i am a person who travels a lot, so sometime when i want to buy a friend a T-shirt as a gift, i struggle in what is the best design i should buy to him.
    Now, i don’t think so that i will struggle again, i will send him this website and let him or her build his favorite T-shirt.

  14. These t-shirts look really crisp and fresh and I love the customisation aspect. I have a wife who’s better at ‘pool’ (as we tend to call it here in the UK) than me so I’m not sure I should be encouraging her though lol

    I’m just wondering what about copyright infringement if I’m wanting a t-shirt for one of my daughters that has a design she likes from the internet?

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