clothing size conversion chart

Clothing Size Conversion Chart


  No one can provide you the international clothing size charts for all countries. Manufacturers will provide size charts for some countries, but not to all countries in the World. Sometimes it will be more difficult to create a Size Chart for some products.

          The International Size Charts are not necessary for our customers who buy clothes from RJ DRESSES-ZAZZLE-STORE. We created the INTERNATIONAL SIZE CHART for helping people. Our charts show that how the clothing sizes vary for countries. The chart is at the bottom of this blog. Click here to jump directly to the chart.

How can I buy clothes that fit perfectly?

Let’s discuss the only two ways to avoid buying unfit clothes

          The FIRST SOLUTION is, buying the clothes by your measurements from the store which provide you the detailed measurements. It’s the best way to buy perfectly fit clothes. Not all online stores will provide this facility. Even if they provide, only a few specified details will be available in inches.

          You can see all possible clothing details with this facility on the product Size charts. No  worries for our customers.

         The SECOND SOLUTION is to order more than one clothes in different sizes. When you aren’t clear with the accurate size, you should go with this solution. This will help you to buy perfectly fit clothes from online stores.

If you would like to return the unfit clothes to the clothing manufacturers, they should accept that. The manufacturers should have the RETURN PRODUCTS ACCEPTABLE facility.

          We encourage you to return if you receive unfit clothes. We need 100% satisfaction.  When you are sure in your measuring sizes, it’s not necessary to buy more than one item of clothing.  But ordering with a backup is a good idea.

The fit clothes - No confusions in size charts

          The Zazzle provides you the size chart for each product on the Zazzle store. You can see the product size chart just above the Size Option.

          Measure your chest, waist, length, and width and compare it with the product size chart. As you measure with your hand, some measurement variation may occur. Select the size which is approximately near.

Chest – Measure the circumference of the Chest.
Waist – Measure the Circumference of the hip
Length – Measure from the back net to the back hip.
Width – Measure the maximum shoulder width
Weight – Measure the weight(necessary only for babies)

Sample Product Size Charts For All Categories In Inches And Centimeters:




  • Measure the chest, waist, length, and shoulder width in inches or centimeters.
  • Check for the approximately near measurements on the product size chart.
  • Then, Select the Size option.
For perfect fit clothes, we recommend you to order the t-shirt more than one quantit in a different size.
Try them out.
Keep those fits you and return the rest that doesn't fit.
If you don't love it, Zazzle will take it back. No Worries


If you buy from RJ DRESSES, International Size Chart is NOT NECESSARY. Because on RJ DRESSES, we measure sizes, match with the Product size charts and we buy(It's an easy task to buy a perfectly fit clothes from RJ DRESSES).

Clothing size conversion chart for different countries. An example with Female T-shirt sizes is given below:

Only An example: ASIAN Size(XS) = USA Size(2) = UK Size(4) = EU Size(32)

Kids Clothing Size Chart:

clothing size conversion chart

Women Clothing Size Chart:

Women Clothing Size Chart(Europe):

clothing size conversion chart

Men Clothing Size Chart:

clothing size conversion chart

Men Clothing Size Chart(Europe):

clothing size conversion chart

EUROPEAN SIZE is standard for the most of the International charts. But some European countries have different size charts. If you request any more International country clothing size chart details, we will add it.

If you have any queries, contact us. We are happy to help you.

10 thoughts on “Clothing Size Conversion Chart”

  1. I order a lot of stuff online, including clothes, because they don’t always have what I want in the stores. I got 5 kids and I am always worried I am going to get the wrong size. I can’t believe what a difference there is in size in different countries. You gave the awesome tips to buy fit clothes. I checked out RJ Dresses. And there are really nice shirts. No worries about unfit clothes here at RJ Dresses. Thank you so much, Yogu RJ.

    1. Hi, Meeks.

      Thanks for commenting. Before you orders t-shirts online, you should be aware of the sizes and size charts. Ask for the manufacturers before you buy a cloth online. When you buy clothes here, no worries in clothing sizes. Even if you have doubts during buying clothes here, I am here for you. Just leave a comment. I will help you.

  2. Now, this makes sense. I can see where there really should be no issue with size. My only question is this, do you know if these t-shirts shrink much with the first wash? I am already ready to looking at them and designing some. My only concern is that I don’t know if I should order an extra size up to cover shrinkage. A lot of t-shirts these days shrink way more than expected.

    1. These clothes don’t shrink after the first wash. In reviews, few people stated that these clothes shrink a little but that doesn’t affect the sizing. So no worries.

  3. I have always had trouble sizing clothes that I buy online because they almost never seem to fit the way I want them to.

    But, after seeing your 100% satisfaction guarantee, maybe it is worth ordering my clothes through your website!

    Do I understand this correctly…if I am not satisfied for ANY reason, I can return the clothes for a full refund?

    How soon must I determine whether or not I am satisfied? Is it 30 days? 90 days?

    Do you offer free shipping?



  4. Sizing is such a nightmare for me as I am short/petite 5’0 with a pear shape. Sleeves are always longer, and usually, dresses are such a chore to buy. I normally have to buy in the store to try on, however, am looking to shop more online. Your post and the measurements truly are very helpful. I also checked out the women’s tees and so many great designs and cool sayings!

  5. This explanation comes in really handy for me. Coming from a South American country and living in the US my family and I got confused with clothing sizes more than once.

    These charts are great!

    I confess I’m not used to buying clothes online but you really made me think seriously about it now. The process at RJ Dresses seems really accurate and safe, considering the return policy.

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