Design Your Own Dress Online

Design Your Own Dress Online – 5 Simple Steps

Design Your Own Dress Online - 5 simple steps

♥You are in the perfect place to customize clothes. Add any images and texts on the unique clothing. We will guide you through a step-by-step procedure. If you have any queries, leave a comment. We are happy to help you. Let’s Begin.

Step: 1

♥Click anyone of the following images that you want to customize.
These are only sample clothes and there are 153 unique styles to customize. You can change the clothing at any time after you enter into the store.

Babies And Toddlers
Boys And Girls

This link will direct you to our Store in Zazzle where you can customize your clothes by adding any images and texts.

You can see the product preview, size, styles, and colors.

Step: 2

♥Before you Customize the clothes with images and texts, I recommend you to select the three menu namely Size, Style, and Color.

First of all, from the three main menu, you should decide and select the STYLE menu first.
»» For toddlers and babies, 17 unique collections are available in the Zazzle store.
»» For kids, men, and women, there are 39, 47, and 49 unique variety of clothes are available respectively.

(If you like to customize some other clothes for babies/toddlers/kids/men/women, do change the STYLE Menu)


»» Select the FOR, TYPE, and STYLE sub-menus.


»»Select the color from the available unique colors.



»»Check for the approximately near measurements on the product size chart««

»»Select the SIZE««

Step: 3

♥Now click the CUSTOMIZE Button.
You can see the following window.

Before adding images and text, if any images or text present on the customizing region as default, click on that images or text and press DELETE key.

You can add images and text in the front as well as on the back side of the dress.

Click on the front/back and add images & text according to your desire.


»» Click on the ADD IMAGE Button. Upload the image. You can add one or more images to one clothing.

REMEMBER: You should have the rights to use the image. If the images are yours, no worries. If you don’t have any images to add to your clothes, you can add our RJ Special Designs.


»» After you added the image, you can use rescale, rotate, crop, filter, and other options to edit the images.


»» Click on ADD TEXT button. Enter the text you want and click on the TICK button.


»» After you added the text, you can use rescale, rotate, text color, text size, and some more options to edit the text.

Step: 4

»»You can add images and text on both sides of the clothes. Preview your clothes with the images and texts you added.
»» After you customize your clothes, Click on the DONE button.

Step: 5

»» Select the number of quantities.
»» Check the shipping details.
»» Then, Add it to your Cart.

Quick Shipping Available

Get free shipping, exclusive discounts, and much more.

Z Black shipping

Click the following link to See the Quick Shipping Details And related FAQ.

If you have any queries, leave a comment. We are happy to help you.

12 thoughts on “Design Your Own Dress Online – 5 Simple Steps”

  1. This is a fabulous page…I absolutely love the idea of customizing clothes this way. Right off the bat, I’m thinking of my daughter’s golf team at school. We can even include the mascot logo on the shirts.
    I’m going to bookmark this page to show the golf coach and suggest we order some customized shirts for the team.

    1. Hi, Karen.

      Thanks for commenting and bookmarking. You can easily customize the team t-shirts here. we have created team football jerseys. The following link is the collections of the customized football jersey.

      Use this is as an example. You can also customize this. If you have any queries on customizing, just leave a comment. I am here to help you. 

  2. Wow, I love your website. This is a brilliant website. Actually my daughters also design T-shirt but yours is more sophisticated. I will be your website fan. You should promote your website better.

  3. This is such a great idea, and a very useful page, too. In the past, I wanted to order half a dozen customised t-shirts for a hen do I was organizing, but couldn’t find a company that made it clear how to do it. Your step-by-step guide is brilliant – I will definitely look to you in the future!


      With pleasure Sophie. Whenever you visit our site just leave a comment and I will send you the offers & trends at that time.

      Have a nice day and we are waiting for your arrival.

  4. Oh now, this is cool! I love customized clothing so I could definitely get into some of this. Will have to bookmark this page and come back here when I’ve got the money 😉

    Great idea for an article. A lot of people would love this as you get a totally unique t-shirt out of it which is super cool.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Hannah. Whenever you come into our website if you have any queries or need any help, just leave a comment. I am happy to help you.

  5. this site is awesome…my daughter is in the little pony league 8 under, and our team has now on planning for the customization designs of our kids softball uniform – I’ll note this website to tell our coach mom to check the sites out and hope we can get a better deal here until the next winter season for the color change of kids uniform …

    1. Thanks for commenting, Jerry. Absolutely you can get offers for bulk orders. If you need any help, leave a comment and I will help you out.

  6. hey, guys, this is such a simplistic but great idea, I have long thought about a line of designer t shirts with old sayings and stuff to add on t-shirts but for lack of money have never put into practice. this takes all that out of the picture and allows originality without doing anything..great idea guys. Do you have any restrictions on what you can actually say?

    1. No restrictions are there during customizing the clothes. While adding images to clothes, please do verify that you have the rights to use the images. You can add the text according to your wish.

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