Stylish baby clothing

Gerber Onesie – A Stylish Baby Clothing

Gerber Onesie - A Stylish Clothing

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You are in the perfect zone to buy quality and unique clothes for babies. Gerber Onesie is sure to be your baby’s  best clothing. With our special design, the dress looks unique. You can’t see this designed baby dresses anywhere. Good quality and comfortable clothing for babies are available at RjDresses.

You can customize your clothing here @ Rj Dresses by adding pictures & texts

About product:

100% cotton 1×1 Rib
Snap closure conveniently positioned for easy diaper changing
Fits true to size
Machine washable

Product Rating by people:

Gerber Onesie
5 Star out of 5 100%

About Designs:

Pieces of chocolates are cut down into pieces and made a heart-in shape.
The cloth looks perfect with the design.
It’s a royalty Free design
You can also customize this cloth

Image 360:

(Click the images to view it in full size)


Available Sizes: Newborn, 0-3, 3-6, 6-6, 12, 18, 24 month

Size Chart in Inches:

Size Chart in Centimeters:


Available only in White Color

Customize your Stylish Baby Clothing:

You can customize this stylish baby clothing here.
Add images or text.
You can change the pictures or add more images and text to this cloth below.

Quick and easy Customizing in 100 seconds
A Video to customize Gerber Baby Clothing
Play Video

→ You can add our  Rj Designs in the Stylish Baby Clothing ←

RjDresses added some images for customizing your baby cloth for free.
Open the images you like. Save the image and add it to your’s baby clothes.


Unique Varieties of Styles for Babies

It refers that you can add your designs or the above design in 17 different baby clothes. You can also customize clothes for anyone.

How to customize the Gerber Onesie?

Step: 1

Click the CUSTOMIZE & BUY button below the Gerber Onesie Image or click the following link.

This link will direct you to our Store in Zazzle where you can customize your clothes by adding any images and texts.

You can see the product preview, size, styles, and colors.

Step: 2

Before you Customize the clothes with images and texts, I recommend you to select the three menus namely Size, Style, and Color.

Gerber Onesie is available in only one color.

If you are searching for a colored baby cloth, you can check for many styles available for babies.

We recommend you the Baby Jersey Bodysuit dress which is similar in appearance with some different characteristics(Do see About the Product after you select the cloth in Styles)

First of all, from the three main menu, you should decide and select the STYLE menu first.
»» For toddlers and babies, 17 unique collections are available in the Zazzle store.
»» For kids, men, and women, there are 39, 47, and 49 unique variety of clothes are available respectively.

(If you like to customize some other clothes for babies/toddlers/kids/men/women, do change the STYLE Menu)


»» Select the FOR, TYPE, and STYLE sub-menus.


»»Select the color from the available unique colors.



»»Check for the approximately near measurements on the product size chart««

»»Select the SIZE««

Step: 3

Now click the CUSTOMIZE Button. You can see the following window.

Before adding images and text, if any images or text present on the customizing region as default, click on that images or text and press DELETE key.

You can add images and text in the front as well as on the back side of the dress.

Click on the front/back and add images & text according to your desire.


»» Click on the ADD IMAGE Button. Upload the image. You can add one or more images to one clothing.

REMEMBER: You should have the rights to use the image. If the images are yours, no worries. If you don’t have any images to add to your clothes, you can add our RJ Special Designs.


»» After you added the image, you can use rescale, rotate, crop, filter, and other options to edit the images.


»» Click on ADD TEXT button. Enter the text you want and click on the TICK button.


»» After you added the text, you can use rescale, rotate, text color, text size, and some more options to edit the text.

Step: 4

»» You can add images and text on both sides of the clothes. Preview your clothes with the images and texts you added.
»» After you customize your clothes, Click on the DONE button.

Step: 5

»» Select the number of quantities.
»» Check the shipping details.
»» Then, Add it to your Cart.

Quick Shipping Available

Get free shipping, exclusive discounts, and much more.

Z Black shipping

Click the following link to See the Quick Shipping Details And related FAQ.

You can add any images to any styles of clothes. It’s easy to customize.
Create your designs. Be unique and set your Trend.
The stylish clothing for the baby is the highest selling clothing for the babies.
Grab our quality T-shirts and prove your uniqueness.

If you have any queries, leave a comment. We are happy to help you.

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4 thoughts on “Gerber Onesie – A Stylish Baby Clothing”

  1. Alice A. Anacioco

    Great idea for a stylish onesie. Don’t we all love to dress up our kids? Every mom would love to customize their baby’s outfits and even put images that they love on them. And we can put on our favorite texts or quotes on Gerber Onesie, that’s just awesome! And they’re machine washable too!

    By the way, do they come in other colors besides white? I would love to have them in green and purple.

    1. Welcome to RjDresses.

      This Gerber Onesie is a branded clothing for baby and available only in White color. If you need colored baby clothing in the same look, you can stick to Baby Jersey BodySuit which is available in multiple colors. To customize/to see the Baby Jersey Bodysuit just click customize button on GERBER ONESIE and on customizing panel you can change the Style to Jersey Bodysuit and change the color of the suit. If you have further more queries, place your comment below. 
      I am happy to help you:)

      With Love And Care

      RJ Dresses

  2. I have always loved using onesies for babies. They are so easy to put on, cool, and really just cute. I love the idea of being able to customize them. Our babies are only small once, why not make them look really cute! There seem to be so many choices, and they are really not that expensive. Do you have experience in how long it takes to get them once you place your order?

    1. Welcome to Rj Dresses.

      It takes around 2-3 days to customize your cloth. The delivery depends upon the clothes you buy. You can see the shipping details above the ADD TO CART  button in customization panel. Before you order your clothes you can see your shipping details. If you have further more queries, please leave it as a comment below. We are happy to help you:)

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