Kids Raglan Shirts

Kids Raglan Shirts – The Real Trend

Boys 3/4 Sleeve Raglan T-Shirt

People's Rating
4.7/5.0 94%
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Available Sizes:

Youth S, Youth M, Youth L

Size Chart

Size Chart in Inches
Size Chart in Centimeter

Available in 6 Colors:

Boys Short Sleeve Raglan T Shirt

People's Rating
5.0/5.0 100%
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Available Sizes:

Youth XS, Youth S, Youth M, Youth L, Youth XL

Size Chart

Size Chart in Inches
Size Chart in Centimeter

Available in 5 Colors:

Girls 3/4 Sleeve Raglan T-Shirt

People's Rating
4.0/5.0 80%
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Available Sizes:

Youth S, Youth M, Youth L

Size Chart

Size Chart in Inches
Size Chart in Centimeter

Available in 6 Colors:

Girls Short Sleeve Raglan T Shirt

People's Rating
4.0/5.0 80%
Click on the above images to see the image in Full Size

Available Sizes:

Youth XS, Youth S, Youth M, Youth L, Youth XL

Size Chart

Size Chart in Inches
Size Chart in Centimeter

Available in 5 Colors:

How to customize the Kids Raglan Shirts?

Step: 1

Select the CUSTOMIZE & BUY button below the kids raglan t-shirt that you want to customize.

That link will direct you to our Store in Zazzle where you can customize your clothes by adding any images and texts.

You can see the product preview, size, styles, and colors.

Step: 2

Before you Customize the clothes with images and texts, I recommend you to select the three menu namely Size, Style, and Color.

First of all, from the three main menu, you should decide and select the STYLE menu first.
»» For toddlers and babies, 17 unique collections are available in the Zazzle store.
»» For kids, men, and women, there are 39, 47, and 49 unique variety of clothes are available respectively.

(If you like to customize some other clothes for babies/toddlers/kids/men/women, do change the STYLE Menu)


»» Select the FOR, TYPE, and STYLE sub-menus.


»»Select the color from the available unique colors.



»»Check for the approximately near measurements on the product size chart««

»»Select the SIZE««

Step: 3

Now click the CUSTOMIZE Button. You can see the following window.

Before adding images and text, if any images or text present on the customizing region as default, click on that images or text and press DELETE key.

You can add images and text in the front as well as on the back side of the dress.

Click on the front/back and add images & text according to your desire.


»» Click on the ADD IMAGE Button. Upload the image. You can add one or more images to one clothing.

REMEMBER: You should have the rights to use the image. If the images are yours, no worries. If you don’t have any images to add to your clothes, you can add our RJ Special Designs.


»» After you added the image, you can use rescale, rotate, crop, filter, and other options to edit the images.


»» Click on ADD TEXT button. Enter the text you want and click on the TICK button.


»» After you added the text, you can use rescale, rotate, text color, text size, and some more options to edit the text.

Step: 4

»» You can add images and text on both sides of the clothes. Preview your clothes with the images and texts you added.
»» After you customize your clothes, Click on the DONE button.

Step: 5

»» Select the number of quantities.
»» Check the shipping details.
»» Then, Add it to your Cart.

Quick Shipping Available

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Z Black shipping

Click the following link to See the Quick Shipping Details And related FAQ.

If you have any queries, leave a comment. We are happy to help you.

20 thoughts on “Kids Raglan Shirts – The Real Trend”

  1. Hi Yoganathan,
    I think these shirts are awesome. My grandchild would love them. I think creating a shirt with your own text and images is a great way for kids to show their creativity. These would also be great for schools, sports teams, churches, families, and businesses. The shirts look very high quality, the colors are great and the text is very clear. My grand daughter plays sports and their team gets to create their own shirts, definitely going to bookmark your website.

    1. Thanks for commenting Dana. We created some sports jerseys by adding symbols and numbers at the back for men. 

      If you like this, use this as a template. Simply edit this men jersey by changing the jersey style to kids, then change the Team symbol and so. If you get stuck, contact me at that instant. I will help you.

  2. This looks like a great product, especially for a team or group shirts. The design tools look easy enough for anyone to use. I have had the task of ordering team shirts in the past on some other website. I couldn’t find the color the team wanted. 
    RJ Dresses is really helpful. This kids product comes in lots of different colors. It’s easy to create. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi, Lane.

      Thanks for commenting. You can customize even the Team Jerseys easily here. Just add the Logo images, Jersey images and other images you required. It’s simple and easy to create. Even if you get stuck at any moment during you customize the clothes, just leave a comment. And I will help you.

  3. I’m so excited to see this post! I have been looking to replace my daughter’s shirt for some time and have been unsuccessful. She wears it with holes in it! Thank you for all the sizing chart and images. I’ll show her so she can pick one and customize it the way she likes! Thank you so much. 🙂

    1. Hi, Randene.
      Thanks for expressing your happiness. Customize perfect clothes for your kid. If you need any help regarding images to place on the t-shirts or get stuck during customizing the clothes, leave a comment. I will help you.

  4. WOW, what a great range of colours! You’ve really made it easy to apply custom images – the step by step process is very helpful! What a great idea for kids to create their own t-shirt! They will be proud to wear it. The special images give a really great example of what you can do with the custom trendy raglan shirt 🙂

    1. Hi, Karsha.
      Thanks for commenting. If you have any queries leave a comment, or contact me. I am happy to help you.

  5. Wow, these shirts are really awesome. Kids and teens will surely love these. How cool is it to customize shirts with any images or texts and make them personalized! And it comes in a variety of colors too. But I noticed that the color green is not available in any kids t-shirt.

    These customized shirts are great for our church sports fest and outings.
    Thank you Yogu RJ

    1. Hi, Alice.
      Sorry to say this that the colors you see are the available colors for Raglan Kids t-shirts. If you need green colors for kids, there are 39 varieties of clothes available for kids including the full sleeves and short sleeves. If you have queries, leave a comment and I will help you.

  6. These are great shirts! They look really comfortable and soft, and I love the way you can customize them. The steps you provided for customization are easy to follow, and make it easy to customize it exactly the way you want. It looks like you can be as creative as you want with both images and text on the shirts – it sounds like a great project you can do with your kids.

    The personalization aspect really makes them fun for everyone. Can you also get these for adults? I think they would be great for a group event coming up. Thanks for providing the easy to follow steps! These look awesome!

    1. Hi, Jen.
      RJ Dresses provide clothes for all categories namely babies, toddlers, kids, men, and women.

      You can see all category clothes here(Click on the link). You can select the category you want from the link.

      I hope that this will help you. If you have any queries, just leave a comment. I will help you.

  7. This is really cool. My kids are just starting back school, so I think it would be cool to have their own unique t – shirts. I like how you can put whatever text you want on the shirts and you can also choose your own personal font so it gives it that extra cool effect. Then we can even add images, that’s just icing on the cake. I’m definitely going to bookmark this page and come back when I find out a cool saying to put on the shirt lol.

  8. Hi,

    I love how easy it is to follow the instructions on your site to customize the t-shirts. Great job for making it so easy and straight forward. I love the images of the kids wearing the t-shirt and the fact the you can see the actual colors it comes in to chose from. It’s a great as a gift idea as well! Awesome!

  9. This is pretty cool. You don’t see kids getting to customize shirts. In others words, the market doesn’t target kids getting to design their own shirts. What types of sayings have you found kids wanting to put on their shirts these days?

    I would use but I am really not wild about the text styles. Plus, other than the shirt colors there isn’t a way to make the design ‘pop’ or stand out. Not sure my siblings would like the shirts, but it’s still a creative idea.

    Good luck

    1. Thanks for commenting.
      Most probably Kids are buying the clothes by customizing themselves with Comic texts and images. There is a large number of text styles. They are entering their text and changing the text styles. Just try before you decide about a product. You can return the product if you are not satisfied.

  10. Hey there,

    These things sure are the real trend. I have had my son mention to me five times about getting them the light green one.

    And I think his stubbornness and persistence just earned him one. Thank you a lot for helping me understand why he kept bugging me about them. 🙂

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