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♥In the world we live in people tend to spend a lot of time trying to fit in and at the same time celebrate their difference. We even do that with our babies. We want people to notice them while at the same time celebrating our babies unique personality and style.
Here at we work hard at finding items that are stylish, well-made, comfortable, and will help your baby stand unique in any group.

We help you customize your baby clothes to express your unique style and your love for your baby. With stylish sayings and beautiful graphics, you will be able to have clothing that fits you and your babies unique style. The Belgian-American fashion designer, Diane Von Furstenberg said,

“The STYLE is something
each of us already has,
all we need to do is
Find it”

♥Here at, We help you find it.
We help you do two major different things. You can follow along with the trends with our quality personalized baby clothes or you can celebrate your unique style with the ability to personalize your child’s clothes as you desire.

We are here to help you be unique. To celebrate who you and your baby are. We are the place you can go to so that you can purchase items not available anywhere else.

“A child’s cry is heaven-heartbreak,

but his smile is heaven-heart”.

♥We would like to see your baby happy. We provide you the customized baby clothes and make you feel happy. We help you do that by customizing not only trendy clothes to help them be different but we also help you design your own ideas.

With our clothes designers and graphic artist, we will design clothes for your newborn baby, toddlers and young children. We can also customize clothes for adults but personalized baby, toddlers, and young children’s clothes are our specialty.

♥Imagine having the ability to work with our Graphic Artist to design your own customized clothes. It is a simple task and it is easy to create your own. All the time knowing that the items you purchase are well-made and of high-quality material that is best for the safety and health of your child.

Customize your clothes Quick and Easy (30 second Video)

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Our Goal here at is to do what needs to be done so that we have satisfied customers. Our business is built by satisfying one customer at a time. Customer Satisfaction is the most important aspect of our business and we will work hard to keep your customer satisfied. You can order with confidence knowing we stand behind what we sell. Chris Butler said,

“Trust is earned when action meets words.”

We work hard to make sure our actions are the same as what we speak. Not only we are your one stop outlet for customized baby clothes that we design but also customized children’s clothes that you can design yourself. We are continually working towards finding the best solution for our customers customized baby and young children’s clothes.

♥We do know that people worried on searching for personalized gifts for their baby, friends, family members, and relations. Rjdresses proudly says that you can personalize gifts likes t-shirts, mugs, watches, jewelry, hats, tie, pillows and so with your images/names here.

♥Your love helps your children live in a beautiful world. Help them celebrate their uniqueness and your love through’s complete line of customized children and baby clothes.

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10 thoughts on “Personalized Baby Clothing | With Accessories”

  1. This is such a wonderful idea! I have always wondered what I should buy for my friends and families new born child and I don’t think anything is more unique than personalized clothing for the new addition to the family.

    Can the clothing you design be machine washed? Or does it need special care?

    Kindest regards.

    1. Hi, Theresa. Uniqueness plays an important role in today’s Trend. We help you to be unique. 
      You can add your arts & fonts to the clothes. 
      If you have no ideas in designing, no worries. We have special design collections. You can download the arts & fonts for free and add to your clothes according to your requirement.

      RJDresses will not print designs in dresses. It is multi functionality Online Store. A 3 in 1 online store.
      Store with Designed Products(also customizable) + Customizable products + Designs for Customizing. 

      Your designed orders will be submitted to the Reliable Dealers. They print and deliver the clothes to you. Clothes will satisfy you 100%.

      Special care required or not?
      No, Theresa. No additional care is required. You can treat it as the normal clothes you buy from the store.

      With Love & Care,


  2. Wow, what a great idea!!! I’ve just turned 30 and all my friends are busy having babies, I’ve been struggling to think of new gift ideas for them. I feel like I’m always buying the same things!

    These look fantastic!

    What age do they go up to? Do you do matching accessories?

    1. Hi, Kirsty. I welcome you to RjDresses. 

      You can customize clothes for everyone from 0-year newborn baby to 2X or 3X, and some are accessible on 6X for both men and women. The availability of the sizes of the dresses varies to each clothes you prefer. Before you pick the size, you do check the SIZE-CHART which has the details about the garment’s width and length for respective sizes(Adult S, M, L, X, and so on). 
      We are planning to design matching accessories. Soon we will implement. After we do implement, we let you know. 
      If you have further more queries, contact us.

      With love and care,

  3. I think personalized gifts are great, especially for kids. I’m interested in getting my girls matching outfits, but with their own names on it. Is there a way to upload images and have those images printed on a shirt or dress? Or do you have a selection of girls clothing you can choose from and personalize? Thx!

    1. Hi, Becky. Welcome to Rjdresses.

      Of course, you can customize gifts for your kids. 

      Our significant specialty is that you can add images and text to any clothes available here. If you are not satisfied with the normal fonts, you can access our exclusive designs. You can use our high-quality art and font styles from our RJ-special designs to your clothes(

      We have a lot of collections in our store for babies, kids, men, and women with various size. We also have special collections where can see our attractive designs on baby accessories, home accessories, gifts, T-shirts related to soccer, photography, and so. Customize your clothes and accessories and set your new trend.

      With love and Care,

  4. Adorable! I love the idea of being able to work with the graphic designers to create something customized and unique for my baby! What a great concept. It looks like RJDresses has quite a large selection as well, which makes things so much easier! So glad I came across this blog!

    1. Hi, Amy. Welcome to Rjdresses, A new Trendy World. 
      Of course, you can access large collections for customizing your clothes. 
      47 styles for men, 50 styles for women, 39 styles for kids and 17 unique styles for babies are available for customizing. You can add your images, arts, and any fonts to your clothes. 

      Thanks for commenting. If you have any queries, contact us.

      With Love and care,

  5. Awesome idea! Within 3 months my little boy will be going to born, and we have already been shopping for clothes like crazy for him. My husband and I actually personalized a onesie, to reveal that we’re pregnant, and put it in a gift box for my dad’s birthday for him to open. It was such an awesome surprise. And now we have a onesie that says, “First [my last name] Grandbaby” for him to wear when he’s born. I want to create some more because they are so fun to customize.

    1. Hi, Kelli. First of all Congratulations for your baby. The first cloth your baby going to wear will be a memorable one for the lifetime. 
      And presenting a gift/cloth with personal customization will show our love towards the receiver. Your first onesie shows your care and love towards your’s baby.
      We have more interesting things to personalize the clothes for your’s baby. As you said, there will be lots of fun on customizing clothes. We do help you also to customize your clothes and with that, we will make the baby unique.

      With Love and Care

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