Tee Shirts Sayings

Tee shirts sayings | The Best Way to Express Yourself

Tee Shirts Sayings

You are in the perfect zone to buy quality and unique clothes. Tee Shirts Sayings gets 98% positive review from everyone. With our sayings, the t-shirt looks unique. You can’t get this style t-shirts anywhere. Get the t-shirt. Set your Trend.

You can customize your clothing here @ Rj Dresses by adding pictures & texts

About product:

Ultra-soft stylish American Apparel
Front: 100% polyester
Back and Ringer: 100% Cotton
Custom designs printed in vibrant inks that are soft and touchable

Product Rating by people:

Tee Shirts Sayings
4.9 Star out of 5 98%

About Designs:

“ADDICTED TO SUCCESS”- Suitable quotes for everyone.
You can use our following saying-designs for customizing your clothes.
All these images are Royalty Free.(You can use these images in customizing your clothes without permission)
You can customize this with your images and texts.

Image 360:

(Click the images to view it in full size)

Color:(You can Select Any Color For This Tee Shirt)

You can Select Any Color for this Tee Shirt.
Select “Buy” button or “Customize Tee shirts sayings” Button.
Before you add this to your cart, Click Customize
Then, You can Select A Color for your Tee shirt.





Available sizes – Adult S, M, L, XL, XXL

Size Chart in Inches:

Size Chart in Centimeters:

Customize your T-Shirts:

You can customize your clothes here.
Add images or text.
You can change the pictures or add more images and text to this tee-shirt(above).

Quick and easy Customizing in 60 seconds
A Video For Tee Shirts Sayings
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→ You can add our Tee Shirts Sayings free images in the T-shirt ←

RjDresses added some images for customizing your billiards t-shirts for free.
Open the image; Save the image you like and add it to your clothes


Varieties of Styles for Babies, Kids, Men and Women

It refers that you can add your designs or the above design in 153 different clothes.

How to customize the Tee Shirt with Sayings and images?

Step: 1

Click the CUSTOMIZE & BUY button below the Tee Shirt Sayings image or click the following link.

This link will direct you to our Store in Zazzle where you can customize your clothes by adding any images and texts.

You can see the product preview, size, styles, and colors.

Step: 2

Before you Customize the tee shirt with images and texts, I recommend you to select the size menu.



»»Check for the approximately near measurements on the product size chart««

»»Select the SIZE««

Step: 3

Now click the CUSTOMIZE Button. You can see the following window.

Before adding images and text, if any images or text present on the customizing region as default, click on that images or text and press DELETE key.

You can add images and text in the front as well as on the back side of the dress.

Click on the front/back and add images & text according to your desire.


»» Click on the ADD IMAGE Button. Upload the image. You can add one or more images to one clothing.

REMEMBER: You should have the rights to use the image. If the images are yours, no worries. If you don’t have any images to add to your clothes, you can add our RJ Special Designs.


»» After you added the image, you can use rescale, rotate, crop, filter, and other options to edit the images.


»» Click on ADD TEXT button. Enter the text you want and click on the TICK button.


»» After you added the text, you can use rescale, rotate, text color, text size, and some more options to edit the text.

Step: 4

»» You can add images and text on both sides of the clothes. Preview your clothes with the images and texts you added.
»» After you customize your clothes, Click on the DONE button.

Step: 5

»» Select the number of quantities.
»» Check the shipping details.
»» Then, Add it to your Cart.

Quick Shipping Available

Get free shipping, exclusive discounts, and much more.

Z Black shipping

Click the following link to See the Quick Shipping Details And related FAQ.

Tee Shirts Sayings for Other Categories:

You can add any images to any styles of clothes. Easy to customize.
Create your designs. Be unique and set your Trend.
The Tee shirts Sayings with “ADDICTED TO SUCCESS” is the highest selling T-shirts for Men for the past month(July-2017).
Grab our quality T-shirts and prove your uniqueness.

If you have any queries, leave a comment. We are happy to help you.

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12 thoughts on “Tee shirts sayings | The Best Way to Express Yourself”

  1. There seem to be a lot of these online T shirt shops these days, and the choice gets confusing. Reviews like your help to simplify the process and make it easier to make a choice.

    Tee Shirt Sayings looks like a pretty good option, so I’ll go on over to your site and check it out in more detail. Thanks for the info.

    1. Hi, Darren. Welcome to RjDresses.
      Thanks for your positive report about our Reviews. Even if you people required some changes or expecting any additional features from our website, we are delighted to receive feedback from the customers. RjDresses works for your SATISFACTION.

      Enjoy shopping Darren!

      With Love and Care

  2. Hi Yogurj,

    This is an interesting website. We’ve had t-shirts made out with designs we want but only as a group. 
    I didn’t know I can buy one with my choice of image or text as a single purchase. I like that I can do that on this website. However, I noticed these t-shirts come in cotton/polyester. Or do some come in 100% cotton? My preference is 100% cotton.

    I’m bookmarking this website to come back for future updates. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi, Rosa. 

      153 unique styles of clothes for all categories are available. Some of them are 100% pure cotton and some are cotton+polyester. While you customize the cloth, you can change the style of the cloth and so you can easily select the 100% cotton clothes over there. If you have further more queries, please leave your comments below.

      With Love And Care
      Rj Dresses

  3. These are great T-shirts. I like the fact that I can customize them, especially for the kids! My son loves to have funny sayings on his shirts, now he can come up with something and I can order it. Seems easy enough and the price is certainly right. Seems to be a good variety of styles to choose from as well. I prefer the v-neck and this seems like a cheaper alternative for a Dallas Cowboys t-shirt!

    1. Thanks for commenting. Choose your clothing from the different variety of clothes and edit it with the sayings. If you have any queries or stuck during the customizing, leave a comment.

  4. Hey, this is super cool, thanks so much for sharing. I totally agree that customized shirts just look so much better and feel so much cooler. I have a few myself and people keep asking me where I got mine and I reply with pride saying I made it myself.

    Thanks for sharing, will create some more!

    1. Thanks for commenting Ivan. Whenever you get stuck during customizing the clothes leave a comment, I am here to help you at any time.

  5. Wow! This was a very detailed review about tee shirts sayings. I am definitely able to design and order my unique t-shirt now. Thank you!

    However, I have two questions, can I order to Italy and how much would the shipping and handling cost? And are the colors used non-toxic or do these shirts have some certification about they being safe to use?


    1. Hi, Maria. Thanks for commenting. Yes, you can order clothes from the Italy. The shipping cost is different for different products and countries. You can check the shipping details above the ADD to CART Button.
      I hope my answers help you. If you have any more questions, leave a comment.

  6. Hi Yogu. My question is same with Rosa. How can I customize the material of the t shirt? I wonder why you use different material for front part and back part of the t shirt.

    1. For the best trendy look and high-quality, Zazzle just tried a clothing with different front and back material. The work is appreciated by the people and most people love this t-shirt. I hope that I clarified your doubt, Melani.

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